Create a nonprofit in minutes, not months. With zero paperwork.

The fastest way to start and grow a nonprofit online. Accept tax-deductible donations with a 501c3 and store your funds in a bank account with our platform.


Accept donations through our charity-arm. Skip the IRS and benefit from our fiscal sponsorship.


Accept donations right on your website with our embedded form. Send tax receipts to donors instantly.


Provide unlimited debit cards for your team—virtual or physical. Manage spending effortlessly.

Banking (Beta)

Store donations in an online FDIC insured bank account. Create multiple accounts for easier accounting.

Skip the Wait, Instant Impact

Accept donations, send tax-receipts, skip the IRS.

Seamless Integration

We don't get in your way. Our donation form sits on your website, and we take care of the rest in the background.

End-to-End Solution

Donation + Cards + Banking. One solution for every way your money moves.

Optimized for Conversions

We've researched the user experience to create the most optimal experience to maximize donations.

Unified Dashboard

Manage your donations, debit cards, and bank account right in one single dashboard.

Create Donation Forms

Create as many donation forms, categories, and donor inputs as you need. You have full control.

Track Donations

Understand who and how much each person gives. Best in class analytics for nonprofits.

Access our API (Beta)

Don't have a functionality you're looking for? Connect with our API and create your own.

Cover Fees

Let your donors cover the fees, so most of their donation goes to your charity.

Multiple Payment Options

Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH, or Paypal. Take any payment method.

Instant Tax Receipt

No need to worry about sending tax-receipts. We take care of that for you.

Simple, transparent pricing.

No monthly costs, no platform fees.


No membership & no monthly commitments

  • Donation Form
  • Unlimited Debit Cards
  • Bank Account
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Ready to get started?

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